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Thread: Proposed 1/8 GT Class Rules

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    Hello Mike,
    it's the first part of my video work!!!

    Here's another with the onboard cam. It was a test during the qualifying. Same track, same day but not my car.

    I have on my hard disk, the onboard cam taken from my car during the final you saw in the first video!!!

    A friend of mine (a video maker on PC and Mac) will put the two videos, and wil synchronise the time with on the left of the screen the track wiew and on the right of the screen, the onboard cam!!!

    I think, it will be great.


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    You're going to get that set up as like a "picture in picture", so you see the overall track with the car, and then in the smaller screen you see the view out the car window? That would be great, but you'd have to plan ahead to keep a corner of the track video clear, having it "reserved" for the PIP video. I'd love to see it - and maybe with sound, from inside the car???

    There's a video forum here. If you get it finished, maybe you can post the finished result in both places.
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    Your second video...!

    I especially like the parts where you're in traffic, and the mid-point of the video with the crashes and stuff - and now I think it feels like when an r/c car hits a berm.

    The video was good in a small size - then I made it full-screen, and it was even better.

    Suggestion - edit it a bit, so it's no more than 3 minutes, and keep all the best parts!
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    Hey Mike. As here I got an interesting thing to note regarding the on board camera. I have a little knowledge regarding this thing. I have also noticed this thing in motor sports. I just wanted to know that how is it used in RC machines. I mean I want to know how to use it ?

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    You're asking the wrong person - it's "romuald31" who seems to be the expert here! :-)
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    Well, I must confess in that case. Rather I should put my query to Romuald that ever since I watched motor sports, I loved to watch them through "on board" camera. Here I saw discussions on this thing. As having a little knowledge about this thing, I am very much curious now to know as how to install and use it and will be very much thankful for this thing.

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