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Thread: Byrons Onroad Challenge

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    Byrons Onroad Challenge

    Thought I'd post this up. I've been to this race in the past and it's a gas...pardon the pun. Host track is located in Joliet IL. Leisure Hours Hobbies and raceway. Always a great turnout with some of the nations top racers in all classes.

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    From the link you posted:

    JUNE 23-24

    World-class facilities, including 220x75x220x125 on-road track, separate air-conditioned pit room, lights for night racing and 50 ft. covered driver stand

    2800 Schweitzer Road, Joliet, Illiinois; see website for directions (google maps and mapquest MAY direct you incorrectly)

    A guaranteed fun weekend organized and run by our own, experienced Byron Fuels team, with big contingency payouts -- over $40,000 paid in prior Byron Fuels On-Road races in the past seven years alone!

    ........I don't understand what they mean by the track size. Does anyone else know?
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    This is the clear picture of the track. All the areas are clearly seen. I just wanted to know that I can see two tracks over here. The left side seems to be fine, whereas the right hand side seems somewhat dim. Is it open for racing or still under construction?

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    left track on road right track off road plus a indoor dirt track

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    This is what known as insanity. Doesn't matter. A person learns from his mistakes. Anyways, thanks Azeroth for illustrating me about this thing. Just I found that right track is an off road track, at once each and every thing started looking clearly and I can also see bumps and breakers.

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