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Thread: 2012 Great Lakes Challenge

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    2012 Great Lakes Challenge

    Since R/C forums seem to be fading away, I've created an "Event" on Google+ for this race. Photos and reports will be posted in all the usual places, but I'll try to make sure everything also ends up on the event page on Google Plus.....

    If I've set this up properly, anyone with a Google+ account can participate in the on-line event; people without accounts can still read everything, and see the photos. The race information should get posted on SGRID, RCTech, Google+ and Facebook.
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    Hi Mike. I have visited your Google+ account earlier, just in the temptation for the photos and videos which I could found there and hope more will be added soon. Other than that will it also contain the discussions regarding the events or just events' pics and videos.

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    That depends on how many people participate in the site.
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